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Oh we do love a good tropical storm, but why does it turn your pool green? It's actually to do with lightning.
Each flash creates nitrogen in the atmosphere which is captured in the rain that drops into your pool. Nitrogen is an excellent plant food, so even the slightest trace of algae in the water thrives on the sudden feast. Though microscopic, they bloom and multiply rapidly until there are enough to turn the water green and murky. Happily you can shock your pool back to its former glory. And if you keep your pool water in balance you can avoid the colour change altogether. We've got the expertise and products to keep your pool healthy.

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Every Monday morning, bright and early, we get together to brief our fantastic team for another busy and successful week ahead. Give our super crews a wave if you see them. ...

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Why choose a Fibreglass finish? This type of pool surface uses less chemicals and is easier to maintain. The smooth coating makes it very difficult for algae to grow on its sides and feels delightful underfoot. If you think it's time you gave your pool surface a facelift we can recommend the best approach. ...

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Our winters may be mild but pool temperatures can still drop to uncomfortable levels. We can assist you with Solar or Electrical Heating solutions that will extend the swimming period of your pool. Give us a call or drop by our store to discuss which option best suits your pool and pocket. ...

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Our friends at Zodiac put this brilliant video together to showcase the efficiency of their MX8 Elite model. It's in store now and we're ready to assist you. ...

Time to get a deeper clean with active scrubbing with MX8 Elite. See how clean your pool looks this summer. #LoveSummer #LoveYourPool

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